Service Desk

Make your customers love you even more.

Client satisfaction is at the heart of our business, so it’s no wonder our team spent an enormous amount of time designing, testing and perfecting our intuitive customer service module. Our vision was to create a solution that empowered office furniture dealers to manage every single aspect of their customer service operations from a single, cloud-based platform that’s easy to use. The result is a new breed of service software that helps our clients improve customer satisfaction and responsiveness, while reducing costs and increasing profits.

Customer Service

Service Desk
  • Manage call center operations and field service activity from a single platform.
  • Streamline fulfillment of service requests.
  • Easily escalate service requests to incident, problem or change requests.
  • Dramatically improve customer satisfaction.
  • Generate simple email-to-ticket creations.
  • Set up automated notifications and routing.
  • Streamline and improve incident and resolution management.
  • Give every user access to a self-service portal.
  • Access custom insights for better decision-making and continuous improvement.