Project Delivery

Make even the most complex orders seem easy.
Because better information leads to better customer service.

Creating and managing orders is the heart and soul of your business. It’s how your overall customer satisfaction is measured — and it’s how your profits are measured too. Khameleon’s order management and project management software is specifically engineered for office furniture dealers. We understand that every individual project has its own complex nuances and multiple moving parts, from custom fabrics and third-party elements to multiple delivery sites and compliance guidelines. Our goal in designing our software was to empower your designers, project managers and sales consultants to coordinate, manage and track every detail of every order on one simple, intuitive platform.

Each role-based dashboard is designed to arm employees with the tools they need to keep projects on track, on time and on budget.

Project Delivery

Order Management

  • Single view of project delivery lifecycle.
  • Streamline, automate, and control procurement of all products and services.
  • Deploy any combination of central and local purchasing, receiving, and payables with seamless integration across entities, subentities, contracts and projects.
  • Manage all order types, including blankets / releases, change orders, and multiple ship-to and drop-ship orders.
  • Automate calculation and application of additional charges to order line items.
  • Utilize unlimited notes, instructions and documentation attachments, and gain complete visibility of commitments, open orders, scheduled receipts, audit trails and history.
  • Apply corporate revenue recognition policies to each item type, ensuring consistency and compliance.

Project Management

  • Access project status from anywhere, at any time, online.
  • Schedule employees and subcontractors.
  • Track third-party products: orders, delivery, storage, drop shipments.
  • Manage punch lists.
  • Track employee utilization.
  • Flag potential budget overruns.
  • Adjust project budgets, timelines, and scope.
  • View actuals versus budget.
  • Update estimates when needed to keep you competitive.
  • Monitor project progress and contractual obligations.