Project Accounting

Project Accounting

See the big picture (and the small one too).

The project-based nature of the office furniture industry can present unique accounting challenges. Multiple entities, varying project length and complexity and changing regulatory compliances can lead to a wide variety of financial and accounting reporting requirements. Our business experts and engineers designed our project accounting feature to empower accounting both at the macro, company-wide level, and on a project-by-project basis.

Khameleon empowers your accounting department to manage every aspect of your dealership’s financials within one single, cloud-based software. They’ll have access to total expenditures, budgets and accounts payable across all projects within an organization. Meanwhile, project managers and leadership have access to all of the financial components of an individual project, including budgets, estimates, costs, bookings, billing and everything in between. Within minutes, project managers can view everything from project hours and total expenses to incoming invoices and milestones at a single glance. By giving you a closer look at day-to-day financials, you’re empowered to evaluate, measure and optimize for the future. And because our project management software integrates with every other Khameleon modules, users can review finances of projects at any stage, whether it’s at the opportunity level or in progress.

Standard Accounting

  • Forecast, monitor and control financial results, enterprise-wide.
  • Seamlessly integrate with Sales, Distribution, Contracts, Projects and Customer Service. Streamline management of customer and vendor accounts, billings and payments.
  • Control operating costs, credit and cash flows. Increase revenues, profits and return on assets.
  • Oversee and manage all General Ledger activity across all entities (Deliver GL data directly to Microsoft Excel with the ability to drill down, consolidate, and create Pivot Tables and Dashboards).
  • Set up, oversee, manage and automate all Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable.
  • Manage employee expense accounting.
  • Generate standard queries and reports as needed.

Project-by-Project Accounting

  • Time and Expense for Projects: Streamline labor reporting with time cards and expense reports that can be accessed anywhere, anytime over the web.
  • Flexible Billings: Improve cash flow by automating invoicing processes and converting unbilled receivables to revenues more quickly.
  • Analyzer: Enhance decision-making with the ability to conveniently summarize, analyze, present or compare project performance and profitability data (read more about Analytics).
  • Contract Management: Stay up to date with contract renewals and revisions, automate billings and revenue recognition, and monitor terms and coverage using Khameleon Contracts software. Ensure timely and profitable project completion with features that help you track documents, handle change orders, manage subcontractor performance, and link payments to successful delivery.
  • Project Budgeting: Enhance profitability with tools that allow you to create budgets and track results.