Professional Services

Khameleon's project-centric business system is designed for professional service organizations of twenty five or more people who deliver their products or services by implementing projects. An Oracle-based Professional Services Automation (PSA) system, its functionality covers the full range of activities and analyses companies need to manage projects profitably. It delivers the fifteen most-needed role-based Dashboards out of the box and is so flexible that if a business wants other Dashboards, they can be configured easily. Most companies use Khameleon's PSA software as their standalone business system. Others use it as an extension of an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software system.

Professional Services

For example, service divisions of large corporations run their businesses with Khameleon, integrating the financials to their corporate ERP software and complying with IT governance mandates. Khameleon's products provide enterprise-class performance at a price far more reasonable than you might expect. A web-based application, Khameleon's Professional Services Automation software fits organizations that are centralized in one location or those with distributed operations located anywhere in the world. Anyone with Internet access and appropriate permissions can participate in Khameleon-managed projects. Khameleon's experts can help you implement Professional Services Automation so it fits your business process logic precisely. The team helps you select the modules you need to cut out redundant or unnecessary steps, implement best practices, and speed communications between team members. Tell Khameleon about your business challenges, and we'll provide a solution fit just for you. Khameleon's Oracle-based PSA modules cover the full spectrum of project management:

  • Buying goods and services
  • Planning, receiving, storing, and shipping materials
  • Managing project implementation and accounting
  • Customer contract administration and billing
  • Revenue recognition; Sarbanes-Oxley, SEC and FASB compliant service desk operations.
  • Operational performance analytics

Analytics provide a full range of performance insights executives need for profitable growth:

  • Executive Insight - Being able to see your business objectively, through the lens of how you go to market
  • Customer Visibility - Knowing where you stand with every customer: revenue, projects, invoices, and opportunities
  • Marketing Effectiveness - Capturing true marketing costs and performance to see capture rates and ferret out wasteful spending

Because Khameleon's business software is so flexible, customized Dashboards or analytical reports can be created to fit your business perfectly. Learn more about what Khameleon's PSA software can do for your business. Talk to one of our experts today at 800-655-6598.