Office Furniture Dealers

Office furniture dealers have complicated project delivery requirements. Customer quotes and orders frequently contain hundreds of line items. Each item contains variations, including style, color, material, tags, notes, pricing, discounts, and more. Bundle these complex factors with design revisions, customer change requests, added charges, multiple shipping locations, third party installers, warranty claims, shipping, and service delivery, and effective oversight can become a costly burden.

Office Furniture Dealers

Getting the efficiencies you need calls for an office furniture dealer business system designed to address the challenges of your business directly: an integrated dealer business system that manages daily operations, automates accurate costing, revenue recognition, and flexible billing of products and services, and gives executives the performance insights they need to make sound decisions.

Khameleon's Software understands what it takes. Furniture dealers across North and South America use our systems, and by blending their insights with our powerful array of technology solutions designed to automate and streamline, we've created Khameleon.

Pre-configured with:

  • Role-based Dashboards that bring the tools that keep employees, from sales reps and project managers to the CEO and CFO, on the same page as they each manage their daily activities.
  • Tools to manage the sales process, buy and sell products and services, execute installation projects, and invoice and recognize revenue according to customer and order specific contract terms.
  • Embedded analytics provide performance insights tailored to employee roles and responsibilities.
  • Role-based Dashboards that contain the information executives need to support the strategic decisions that drive profitability and growth:
    • Financial analysis
    • Margin performance
    • Labor utilization
    • Product and market sector analysis
    • Sales and revenue forecasts
  • Role-based analytics bring proactive real-time information to the forefront for immediate action.

A web-based system, Khameleon is deployable across multiple sites and remote locations, and it is available to anyone with Internet access and proper permissions.

Because Khameleon's office furniture dealer business software is so flexible, customized Dashboards or analytical reports can be created to fit your business perfectly.

There are deployment options too. Khameleon's office furniture dealer solutions may be purchased using the standard software acquisition and deployment model, or dealers may choose to use Khameleon Cloud Services, which give Internet access to the full suite of applications on an on-demand basis. Khameleon Cloud subscribers pay periodic, recurring subscription fees, determined by how many users they have.

To learn more about Khameleon's Office Furniture Dealer Software and how premier office furniture dealers put it to work every day, talk to one of our project experts today at 800-655-6598.