Business Machine Dealers

Khameleon contains the functionality a business machines dealer business system needs to take business to the next level. It removes many of the headaches of complex business operations by managing projects at the detail level and eliminating the need for redundant data entry into multiple systems. What type of detail? Everyday events that can make or break your ability to meet customer expectations profitably: for example, juggling field engineers to cover open calls, tracking inventory at the lot/serial number level, allowing attachment of an unlimited number of notes, CAD drawings, and other documents to projects, and generating bills according to an array of contract payment terms.

Business Machine Dealers

Khameleon is a complete business machines dealer business system. Providing an integrated system with leading-edge, project-oriented business logic. Applications are flexible, rich and time to value is quick. Khameleon's systems are easy to configure, so it doesn't take long to automate the details that make your business distinctive. Consider some of the many ways Khameleon boosts performance for business machine dealers and solution providers:

  • Provides executive insight into customer, product line, or business practice and project profitability so strategic planning and decision making is based on hard data.
  • Automates financial consolidations so effort shifts to analysis from data gathering.
  • Tracks and compares budgets, resources, and timelines to plan so corrective action can be taken in time to meet customer expectations and stem unnecessary costs.
  • Optimizes material budgets and improves the availability of project materials: material planning, purchasing, inventory control, warehouse operations, and supplier-managed inventory.
  • Implements the full range of customer services, from call center upselling and cross-selling, to field service calls, and warranty management.

Khameleon comes pre-configured with:

  • Role-based Dashboards that bring the tools that keep employees, from sales reps and project managers to the CEO and CFO, on the same page as they each manage daily operations.
  • Tools to manage the sales process, buy and sell inventory products, execute installation projects, and recognize revenue according to flexible contract terms.
  • Embedded analytics to provide performance insights for everyone in the organization.
  • Executive dashboards that contain the information executives need to support the strategic decisions that drive profitability and growth:
    • Sales and revenue forecasts
    • Product and market sector analysis
    • Labor utilization
    • Margin performance
    • Financial analysis
  • Role-based analytics bring fresh information to the screens of everyone in the organization.

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