RCF Group

RCF Group

“We needed to make sure our software works for handling any service or product we have along the way.”

Jan Ryan, Controller | RFC Group

The RCF Group uses Khameleon’s full suite of capabilities to streamline accounting processes, empower employees and drive profits.

RCF Group

RCF Group isn’t your typical office furniture dealer, so naturally, they didn’t want a typical software solution. Beyond being an office furniture dealer, the RCF Group (a Haworth dealer), also provides furnishings, architectural and facility services to commercial businesses, processing orders and transactions across all 50 states and internationally. From an accounting perspective, that’s no easy feat. When they began researching software solutions more than six years ago, one of the biggest capabilities they looked for was a more sophisticated accounting process, one with better controls, proper accounting tools and compliance measures that their current system was lacking.

They consulted a few other dealers, many of whom praised Khameleon and highly recommended the software. The RCF Group began to dig deeper. What they found was a robust solution that addressed not only their accounting needs, but their analytics, project and order management, and customer service need as well.

More Accurate Accounting.

Pre-Khameleon, the RCF Group’s accounting division was maintaining each individual location’s financial statements in Microsoft Excel. With Khameleon, they’re now able to pull that data seamlessly into one file. They were also manually coding sales tax for each individual state. Through Khameleon’s partnership with Exactor, a next-generation, end-to-end solution for secure, reliable and accurate sales tax compliance efforts, RCF Group was able to reduce manual coding and keep up with tax rate changes, saving tons of time and reducing tax filing headaches significantly.

Empowered, Informed Employees.

Khameleon allowed every employee access to information via role-based dashboards that delivered the data they needed, when they needed it. “It has empowered our employees to be more self-sufficient and help manage projects more efficiently,” Jan said. “Having this information readily available eliminates the need for one person to pull reports together and seed them out.” Project managers and financial team members are able to review current profits in any particular project, perform pre-invoice reviews and pull detailed post-mortem reports to generate more accurate pricing in the future.

Powerful Job Costing.

Khameleon’s job costing capabilities have changed the way the RCF Group evaluates every project. Armed with precise historical data that includes actual dollars and hours logged, they can now make an educated decision on whether to proceed with a bid or pass, based on concrete data and past learnings.

A Partner in Problem-Solving.

The technical capabilities may be what sold the RCF Group, but part of what’s kept them loyal is Khameleon’s willingness to listen and understand the pain points, and try to come up with solution to address them. “We don’t have lot of issues,” Jan said. “But when we do, we have a good relationship with the executive team, so it’s easy for me to make a phone call and get a response.”

“They truly want to be a partner with their clients and that goes a long way.”

For additional information, please visit thercfgroup.com.