“We needed a robust, modern business system that could bring accounting and operations together under one system.”

- Mehmet Bakkaloglu, Chief Financial Officer | OFI



If there’s one thing that’s a constant in the world of business, it’s change. Companies grow. Processes adjust. Client needs evolve. As a longtime Herman Miller dealer, OFI is constantly evolving — and it needed a software that could evolve along with it. Since adopting Khameleon in 2009, OFI has empowered itself to challenge the way things are done and find new ways to work smarter and, ultimately, be more profitable.

Getting Up to Speed

OFI’s old system simply wasn’t designed to handle large-volume business. It was out of date and didn’t allow for the kind of detailed reports a CFO needs to be able to accurately forecast and track profits. Accounting and operations were working in silo, and OFI needed a software solution that would give one visibility into the other.

“It’s a modern system that helps us bring all departments together under one system,” Mehmet says. “Khameleon helped connect accounting with other departments like sales support. I can view notes in a specific order to see why an order is or is not within the ideal profit margin,” he says. “Those are the things I’m using daily.”

“Khameleon helps accounting do what we do on a day-to-day basis,” says Mehmet. “For me, as a CFO, I need to know what we are looking at.”

Understanding Resources

OFI leverages Khameleon’s time-tracking capabilities to help understand how much of its internal resources are being used both pre-and post-commitment. “We’re able to heavily track design and project coordinating time,” he says. “This helps us understand how we allocate our resources and where we’re spending out time and money.”

Streamlining and Automating Processes

Khameleon’s unique capabilities have helped streamline procedures and make internal operations run much more smoothly. Take acknowledgements for example. “I can process $1 million in Herman Miller without having to do it one by one for each invoice,” he says.

Looking Toward the Future

OFI is working closely with Khameleon to develop a system that allows for marketing campaigns. “Right now, marketing is being isolated,” says Mehmet. “So we’re working with Khameleon to develop a solution that works for us.” It’s also exploring different tools to help its sales team better forecast its sales.

A Two-Way Street

Unlike many other software solutions, Khameleon isn’t “pushed on to you,” Mehmet explains. “It evolved based on your needs. It’s open for change and OFI has been actively involved in driving change with Khameleon.” Khameleon opened the door for us to change things faster and shake it around based on our client needs. That’s the beauty of it.”

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