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Furniture Marketing Group

“I needed something more powerful and robust. Something that was going to provide more detailed reports on our many different divisions. That’s why I went out and looked for something else and chose Khameleon.”

Bob Bacic, CPA, Chief Financial Officer | Furniture Marketing Group

As Haworth’s largest dealer, Furniture Marketing Group uses Khameleon to keep its multiple locations better connected and to generate better, more detailed reports for each segment with one click.

Furniture Marketing Group uses Khameleon

When Chief Financial Officer Bob Bacic joined Furniture Marketing Group 25 years ago, FMG was still a relatively small company operating its legacy system to manage and track orders. Not long after he came on board, FMG adopted a well-known office furniture dealer software solution. At the time, it had what they needed: effective order and project management. But fast-forward 20 years and FMG had evolved from a $20 million company to a $140 million powerhouse with four locations.

As Haworth’s largest global dealer, FMG was processing more intricate orders, bidding on more projects and managing the added complexities of tracking orders and finances for four locations and various segments. “I needed something more powerful and robust,” Bob said. “Something that was going to provide more detailed reports on our many different divisions.”

Innovative Reporting, Ahead of its Time.

Bob and the team at FMG researched various business software solutions. When they described the kind of reporting capabilities they needed — something that could consolidate multiple corporations and be accessed online, from anywhere — providers replied that they were still five years away from that kind of detailed, intuitive functionality. “Khameleon was already there,” Bob said. “They had a jump technologically on everything.” Khameleon’s role-based dashboards empowered each of FMG’s individual users, from the project management level to the C-level suite, to access what they needed, when they needed it, in a format that’s clean, simple and intuitive.

“When you turn on your computer, you see the information you need right in front of you. Information is much more at your fingertips. It’s really a better reporting tool for today’s society, which is used to having everything be just a few clicks away. It’s really serving that generation of users right now.”

FMG’s management team loves the reporting capability and the information they are able to generate through Khameleon. Instead of having to print individual reports, as they did in the past, leadership now has instant access to the data they need on their desktop or other device.

Furniture Marketing Group

A True Partnership

But the biggest advantage Khameleon has isn’t really technical at all. “What I like about Khameleon is that they are willing to listen to where we the dealers need the product to go next,” Bob said. FMG has been part of the Customer Top 10 program for five years now, and several of their product-enhancement requests have been implemented in that time. “We love that, of course.” That and the level of personalized customer service. “There’s been no request too big, no question too small,” Bob said. “No issue that Khameleon hasn’t been willing to fly out and work with me on.”

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