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“The way we were able to set up our internal controls (using Khameleon) has really helped crush errors in our organization.”

Bruno Ienni, Chief Financial Officer | Contract Associates

Contract Associates uses Khameleon at every level of the organization to maximize data and visibility, while minimizing error.

Khameleon is our atomic clock

Every Contract Associates employee knows: If it’s not in Khameleon, it doesn’t exist. Sales projections. Project status. Quotes. Chief Financial Officer Bruno lenni and the rest of management won’t look at a report if it hasn’t been run using Khameleon.

“Khameleon is our atomic clock,” said Bruno.

That mentality has been engrained in the company culture since they adopted Khameleon nearly three years ago. They made the switch after Bruno joined and immediately realized their previous system just wasn’t cutting it, to say the least. “It didn’t have an actual database behind it,” said Bruno, a numbers guy who just happens to have a background in both technology and design. “There were no internal controls and running an accounts receivable report would take 30 minutes.”

It was slowing them down, costing them money and perhaps most frustrating of all, it wasn’t giving Bruno the data visibility he needed to get answers.

Inner workings that work.

First things first, Bruno wanted to see how this thing was built. His evaluation of Khameleon was among the most thorough the Khameleon team has seen.

“I went to them and I said. ‘I want to see the database schema. I want to see the table layouts and see how data is organized, so that when I go to write reports, I know I can do whatever I want to do.”

The team at Khameleon didn’t hesitate to give him the answers he needed, even going so far as to create documents that didn’t exist to give Bruno the information he needed to make a decision. What he found is that Khameleon is an “incredibly well-designed database”

“I have pretty much never been frustrated by the database,” he said. “Because of its structure, I have the ability to get any answer I want and deliver it to whatever constituent wants that information.”

Visibility that drives knowledge.

“Other than sensitive financial information, we’re very much into, everyone should know everything, period,” Bruno said. “Khameleon gives everyone a tremendous view into real-time data. We are able to extract information so easily and present it any way we want because we have the right tools. It really assists us in knowing where we are and being able to anticipate things months in advance.”

The fact that every user has his or her own workbench tailored just for them has helped improve customer service and project management. Standard reports refresh every night, so when users log on in the morning, they’re always looking at the most up-to-date information.

Controls that “crush” error.

In the world of accounting and finance, internal controls are imperative to preventing and identifying errors. Bruno tasked Khameleon with helping set up proper controls to give certain people and departments the capability to view, access and modify data. “I never got the answer, ‘You can’t do that,’” said Bruno. “The way we were able to set up our internal controls has really helped crush errors in our organization.”

Contract Associates

In it together.

The team at Contract Associates has certainly challenged Khameleon to answer questions they’ve never had to answer. But not once has even the most complex request been met with anything but, “Let us research that for you.”

“They are in it with us,” said Bruno, “and we are in it with them.”

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