Like the Perfect Desk Chair,
We Support Your Every Move.

Technology. It’s what we do. Our software solutions are backed by service programs designed with your daily operations and challenges in mind. Every hour of every day, your employees are backed by a network of IT consultants and engineers whose sole job is to get you up and running — and keep you running at full speed, without missing a beat.

System Implementation

We get it. Changing systems is a big investment of both your company’s time and money. And asking every employee to learn and adapt to a new software solution is no small undertaking. Over the past 27 years, our team has guided hundreds of companies through the system implementation and training process. While every client’s needs are different, the nuts and bolts of our process remain the same. We combine our proven implementation methodology and detailed work plan with on-site training and webinars to ensure a smooth transition from start to finish. Our seamless process is designed with minimal disruption in mind, so your team can continue to focus on what matters.

Help Desk

At Khameleon, service doesn’t end when our clients go live. In fact, it’s just the beginning. We understand that with the complexity of today’s technology and ever-changing customer demands, sometimes you just need to pick up the phone or submit a request for help. That’s why our dedicated team of analysts, technicians and engineers are available every day through our help desk. We make sure you get answers — and solutions — when you need them most.

Product Maintenance

Nestled in a corner of our Tampa office is a team of technology and business experts whose everyday mission is to innovate ways to make our products better, faster, smarter. That means keeping our products up to date with the latest technology versions, enhanced functionality and error correction capabilities. It also means understanding your business needs from the inside out. Our product maintenance program is designed to make sure that your system is continuously monitored, updated and enhanced to help you effectively service your customers and drive profits.

Data Center Services & Web Hosting

Our data center and web hosting services means that you and your team can have access to reliable IT expertise, without having to invest in a dedicated, on-site IT team. We offer:

  • Immediate internet access to Khameleon's complete suite of dealer business software.
  • A cloud-based approach so you only need to provide laptops or PCs and internet access. There is no need to buy, upgrade or manage server hardware technology.
  • A highly scalable model, so you can expand user and processing capacity on demand.
  • Pricing per user enables you to use just what you need. Add users and modules as your business grows.
  • More accurate financial control allows you to match period expenses to your operations rather than allocate capital depreciation.
  • 24/7 access to hardware, software and skilled technical talent.
  • Competitive pricing that puts Khameleon's unique, comprehensive project delivery business logic and Oracle's enterprise class technology within your reach.