Khameleon Software Launches Haworth Web Services Integration

TAMPA, FLORIDA­ — February 9, 2017 — Khameleon Software has added Haworth Web Services Integration to its industry-leading software. This game-changing integration gives office furniture dealers a direct line to Haworth when it comes to requesting pricing, ordering, and receiving acknowledgements. The integration is designed to help save dealers hours of work and reduce the risk of error. It’s a highly anticipated announcement that comes after months of close collaboration with Haworth and Haworth dealers.

“Our team of developers and user experience designers partnered closely with Haworth dealers to help ensure that this integration is meeting dealer needs at exactly the right touchpoints,” Matthew Angelone, Partner.

Brigholme Interiors Group — a Haworth dealer and Khameleon client — was actively involved in helping define the objectives and strategy for this integration. “This integrated strategy will allow Haworth and its dealers to automate many of the manual tasks taking place today, creating more time for our members to work proactively with our clients,” says Joe Williams, President of Brigholme Interiors Group. “It’s the first time Haworth and its dealers have been so seamlessly connecte d, which greatly improves the way we serve our customers.”

The Haworth Web Service experience plugs dealers right into the Haworth environment, providing direct access to price checks and product ordering from Haworth. Other companies are offering variations of this service, but none of them were created through a series of strategic, collaborative meetings with Haworth dealers — and none are backed by Khameleon’s 17-plus years of experience as a technology solution provider for the office furniture industry.

As part of the product rollout, Khameleon’s Haworth User Group will host a webinar showing the web services in action. Details will be announced soon.

About Khameleon

Headquartered in Tampa, Florida, Khameleon Software creates technology solutions that help office furniture dealers run more productive, profitable and interconnected businesses. From managing orders and generating reports to costing, billing, project management and CRM, Khameleon empowers office furniture dealers to run their business on one single, scalable platform. Many of the most well run office furniture dealers in the industry choose Khameleon for their day-to-day business operations, making us one of the industry’s leading technology solution providers for 17 years and running.