About Khameleon


Who We Are and What We Do

Like the perfect desk chair, we support your every move. Khameleon Software creates technology solutions that help office furniture dealers and other service-based companies run more productive, profitable and interconnected businesses.

Founded in 1989, we began as a custom software development startup determined to create a product that was much more than a project management tool. As service-based business owners ourselves, we envisioned one integrated software solution that facilitated virtually every business need we had, from project management and customer lead generation, to analytics, accounting and a customer help desk.

Somewhere along the way, our client base became more focused, and we quickly realized that our fast-growing technology was appealing to one very specific sector: the office furniture industry.

Because we’ve always believed that our mission is to develop solutions in direct response to our clients’ needs, we shifted our product development goals ever so slightly. From that point on, every product enhancement and business decision we’ve made has been driven not just by technology best practices, but by the unique needs and challenges our office furniture partners face day in and day out.

Today, we’re proud to say that many of the largest office furniture dealers in the industry choose Khameleon for their day-to-day business operations, making us one of the industry’s leading software solution providers. We like to think we’ve gotten here not just because we have the best product on the market, but because we’ve worked tirelessly to develop trusted relationships with each and every client. And while we’ve grown tremendously in both size and reputation, at our core we’re still the same small, collaborative team, working every day to develop a better business solution.


What Drives Us

Our values serve as the framework for every decision we make, from hiring the right people and client interactions, to where our software will take you next.


Service is in our DNA. Your phone call, email or help desk request is our first priority, and outside of our regular business hours, our executives are available to our clients 24/7.


We never stop evolving with technology, the office furniture industry, and, more specifically, with you.


We believe building a better business solution starts by listening to our clients and each other. It’s why, every year at our user conference, we invite our clients to share their feedback — the good, the bad, the ugly — with our executive and engineering teams face to face. It’s not our easiest meeting of the year, but it’s one of our best.


We love what we do, and we’re fortunate to have rock-solid relationships with the best clients in the industry. We also recognize the long-term investment our clients make, not just in our product, but in our people. We take that responsibility seriously, and we’re dedicated to delivering tangible, measurable returns on that investment.